Famous Dog Loving Celebrities



There are some essentials of celebrity life without which it cannot be imagined such as private planes and yachts, clothes of famous brands, stylish shoes, bags and sunglasses. But there is one more feature: keeping a pet dog has become a landmark of stardom. Dogs of expensive breeds are considered to be an important part of elite lifestyle. However, not all celebrities keep pets just for fashion.  Some of them are real dog lovers who take care of their dogs with true affection.

One of dog-loving celebrities is Oprah Winfrey. She is said to be the owner of some cocker spaniels and golden retrievers. Oprah treats her pets with such affection that catered 30 million dollars in her will towards the welfare of her dogs. At http://www.veanimals.com/ you can read full sotry about Oprah Winfrey dogs.
Drew Barrymore keeps  three dogs named Templeton, Vivian and Flossie. Flossie and Vivian, dogs of unknown pedigree, were bought at a flea market in Pasedena. These dogs  showed  Drew their gratitude when during  a fire incident in 2001 they saved her life.
Will Smith has rottweilers and is said to be a true dog lover, too. His four Rottweilers have at their disposal the well known dog trainer Cesar Millan who  enhances their skills.

A lot of dog loving celebrities support animal rights organizations. For example, Charlize Theron who owes three dogs of mixed breeds, supports PETA.  Alicia Silverstone not only keeps  five dogs at home but  organized  an animal shelter for stray and unwanted pets in her personal estate.
Some celebrity dogs get involved in their owners’ life to a great extent. Let’s take  Elton John who made his cocker spaniel his best man at his wedding in 2005.

Sigourney Weaver is also a big dog lover. She's family had many dogs and puppies and now Sigourney Weaver owns Greyhound. Sigourney Weaver showed devotion to her Greyhound named Petals having organized a wedding to her pet. Bacci who was born from this wedlock is treated with great affection.
Shania Twain, a famous singer who was awarded Grammy, cares for her German shepherd named Tim to such an extent that she decided to adjust the  bus she was touring on to make it more convenient for her pet and made a special door for the dog.