Bail out of the horse when in trouble!



I really believe you should just bail out when the horse gets out of control. Knowing when to bail off the horse is the problem.

This is a lesson I have been forced to learn very well in the past, and yesterday was a perfect example of why! I was doing a spring tune up on a 6 yr old 16hh+ chocolate TWH gelding for a friend(He's the one we put non-horse people on, normally very calm) to get ready for Memorial Day weekend and the bbq/trail ride shes planning, and lets just say he was feeling his oats yesterday. Ruth's husband is normally the one that rides Freezer and he's not very experienced and he lets him get away w/all sorts of bad things, so he has recently been pretty ill-behaved.

I worked him on the lunge first to get a bit of the crap out of him, and then hopped on and rode around a small pasture. Now, I was making him work and he didn't like it and told me w/a few little bucks and crow hops but nothing crazy insane. He settled down and was gaiting well, so I took him into a bigger pasture to get him moving a bit quicker.

Well, as soon as we hit the bigger pasture he picked up a good bit of speed(still in a nice gait) and I pulled him up a bit a turned him to do a circle of the pasture. We went up the tiniest little hill(more like a bump) and it apparently gave him that extra momentum and we decided to have a little rodeo. I am used to riding horses just a tad smaller than Freezer, and he showed me just how much more power a few inches adds! We got about 4 full-on bucks in, and then I stared to lose it so I bailed. Freezer took off kicking up his heels and I took off after him. Thankfully we were in a pasture. Needless to say, i am VERY sore today! Kinda like I jumped out of a moving vehicle about 6 ft off the

Yes I got back on him, but only after a lot more lunging, and a bit and saddle change. He was rather apologetic afterwards, so I couldn't be irritated with him. We discussed it and are going to have a sheathe cleaning party next weekend to make sure he doesn't have a bean, it's that time anyway. If bad behavior continues we'll call the vet out.