Our county has some incredible estates for the landowner and rancher. Much of the sloping properties are a great location for the new orchard crops of avocados that are rapidly replacing oranges and lemons. Some of this acreage has proven to have vineyard potential so there are lots of eyes watching this market. Previous strawberry crops now make room for raspberries and blackberries the new hot ticket.

The Thoroughbred race horse industry holds a lot of history here as much as smaller gentleman estates like that of President Ronald Regan. Camarillo is named after the famed city founder Adolfo Camarillo who bred the Camarillo White Horse made famous by their presence in the annual Rose Parade under heavy silver saddle decoration.

Ventura County guidelines require that horse property is defined by the minimum guidelines in whatever city the property or land is located. Where the property is in an unincorporated zone then the county minimum guideline is 20,000square feet per horse.

A horse (over 14.2 hands) by county definition is considered one animal unit. This begs to ask the question ”Can I have a pony (or two) on less than 20,000 square feet?” The answer is yes…if the children want to join FFA or 4H Club then you might even want to have a school project animal and chickens too!

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