Just remember that you are required to be a good neighbor and follow the county guidelines, like property setback rules that determine the proper distances between human and animal enclosures. A pamphlet is available to you at the County government center located at Telephone and Victoria Avenues in the city of Ventura.

There are some large estate properties that exclude the containment of horses due to homeowners associations where the rules exclude horses and farming. Some associations embrace them with names that include “equestrian riding trails” and such. The Ojai trail embraces both human walk, horse trail and bike path all the way down to the fairgrounds at the beach in Ventura. Your real estate professional will generally know how to direct your search but my advice is to stick with those of us who specialize in horse properties because it is also our passion. It’s somewhat akin to knowing what a parent feels for their children…you have to have them to know what it’s like! I’ve had my appendix gelding Jazz since 1986 and he’s presently well over 30 years old and happily retired at Swan Hill Farms.

I’ve been a horse owner since I was 18 years old and can’t even imagine the direction my life would have taken if I didn’t have a horse to keep me busy. One thing is for sure…I am a great deal more patient because of the crazy antics of my beloved Tango. I still miss him to this day. That’s the understanding that I bring to the situation every day that a horse owner spends looking for that ‘perfect home for their steed!