Dry Dog Food



There are a number of dog food types available in the market such as wet dog food, dry dog food, alternative dog food, natural dog food, raw dog food etc. All kinds of dog foods available easily in the market now, it’s up to your dog that what the best suits him. All dog owners’ wants that their dog should be healthy and smart internally as well as externally.

It is quite difficult to choose a dry dog food for your dogs because many lower quality dog food companies used some cereal and grain products in it which are really harmful for your beloved dogs. The quantity of meat in dry dog foods is just vanishing over the last few decades. The amount of protein, minerals and vitamins are quite low in dry dog foods as compared with the wet or natural dog foods.

Some lower quality dog food companies used many harmful ingredients in the dry dog food such as shells of peanuts, cotton hulls, feathers etc. These ingredients contain no nutritional value as well as these all are difficult to digest by dogs. They used at least 50% these harmful ingredients with the total of it. If you check the ingredients of these low quality dog foods then you will find that there are lots of those ingredients which are really harmful for your dogs such as products which are made from grains, ground corn, rice, beep pulp, feathers and cotton hulls. They use it because these ingredients are much cheaper than meat.

If you want to improve the health of your dog without spending a lot of money you just need to made dry dog food at your home. This helps you in understanding that what’s best suits your dog as well as keep an eye on any allergies. You can use all fresh ingredients according to your dog needs.