West Highland Terrier



West Highland Terrier


Such a tiny dog, but has so huge character. A Westie loves human friends and commonly ready to delight them, until he find it a fine idea. That is why this breed will not be suitable for every house. The West Highland Terrier is completely able to think about himself, and frankly speaking, he possibly will not always be in agreement with the plan of your future actions connected with him.

If you want to own The West Highland Terrier, you should deal with him confidently, but tenderly. He offends when somebody bullies him, moreover, pushing a Westie too far can become an outcome of the occasional pinch. Generally, most skilled breeders advice to keep these dogs only in houses with grown-up children or even with no children. One more interesting fact is Westies are fond of to digging. Although some individuals take pleasure in this activity much more than others, it can develop into a serious problem for owners because their pets will burrow under fences to have a romp on their own game.


Remember that Westies can not be obliged, you ought to train them with optimistic support. Begin to coach Westies when they are still young! In early ages they are more obedient than they will be later.

Turn all compliance training into an enjoyable action for these dogs, otherwise they rapidly become uninterested and bored. One more effective method of teaching is clicker training. It brings dogs instant "prize" for pleasing behavior.

Owners of The West Highland Terriers could be calm, there are numerous opinions that even though most terriers mark their territory, Westies, as a rule, house trains quite easily if they have been grown up in a clean surroundings from their puppy hood. Also, neutering or spaying between four and six months will prevent unacceptable sexual behaviors of your dog.


This Terrier does not create a profusion of cover oil, so you should not bath him too often if you do not want his skin to be irritated and dry. Take him a bath monthly, brush regularly and give teaspoon of high quality cod liver oil in his food. It will help to keep his coat and skin in excellent shape. Besides that, you can have your pet cut every few months not to become getting very hairy.

On condition that your dog gets all the exercise he needs his nails will usually grind down on their own. In spite of it, look over them sometimes and cut from time to time. Swab out dog’s ears at least once a week to get rid of waxy increase.


Generally, The West Highland Terrier can be called a long-liver. The average length of life is fifteen years. But you should carefully concern about their health. There are some popular health problems found in this breed:

  • Perthe's disease
  • Bladder cancer
  • Calcified jawbones
  • Hernias
  • Skin problems
  • Liver disease

Think Carefully

From the first sight A Westie may seem as a simple client, but to see more charily this dog is not for an inexperienced and inactive owner. Dogs of this breed are very energetic and cheerful, so you should be the same one. The West Highland Terrier can be a fantastic cuddle but when he is ready to sprint he will go if you want to come with him or not. Be very confident that you want to have only this dog much more than others before taking it on.