Dalmatian Dog breed details



Dalmatian dog - breed of decorative dogs. The first dog of this breed were derived in Dalmatia (historical region of the Balkan Peninsula), Dalmatians - ancient breed, survived from the depths of centuries. Especially popular Dalmatians were in the UK in 18 century as a "coach-dog." They fled before the coach, thus freeing her way. The breed is recognized FCI, AKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC. In 1959 at the studios of Walt Disney cartoon was withdrawn "101 Dalmatian", after showing that the breed has become immensely popular.

Dalmatian dog breed general features. A dog of this breed has a strong, harmonious and proportionate, muscular physique, hardy, capable of a long run. Height 19-25 in, Weight - 35-65 lb. Quite a long head, flat, fairly wide between the ears of the skull. Ears of medium size, round, set on high. The coat is short, tight and tight. Recognized colors: pure white with clearly defined black or brown circular spots, evenly distributed throughout the body. At the extremities spots smaller than the body. In dogs with black spots nose is black, with brown - brown. Tail length Dalmatian nearly hock, not curled. Legs white, compact.

Dog temperament. Dalmatians love to run, especially for bicycles. We should not tie the leash to the wheel, because the dog may become confused on the run, risking serious injury for both the dog and for the owner. Dalmatians love to swim. Especially on long distances. This breed of dog with unlimited use. Dalmatians are involved in the hunt, are part of the search and rescue teams, act as porters load. These dogs are able to run the machines or horse 12,5-25 miles without a rest!
They are active, energetic dogs, adore to be outdoors. They are committed to their owners and love to spend time with them Dalmatians terribly fond of playing, especially in the age of puppies.

Dalmatian dog health problems. Dalmatians are suffering from urolithiasis and allergy.