All about Salukis



salukiSalukis are a domestic breed of dogs. They are from the Middle Eastern regions. They are also nicknamed as Persian Greyhound and Royal Dog of Egypt. They originally belong to Egypt. They are one of the oldest dog breeds alive. Their history goes back till the 7000 B.C. Also, these dogs were discovered in many Egyptian tombs, beside their owners. They were originally the pets of nomads and they traveled a lot with them, which led to their introduction to the rest of the world. They were usually used to hunt different quarries, like gazelle. There are two different kinds of Salukis. They are smooth and feathered. The feathered breed is much more common than the smooth breed. Their unique feature is considered to be the hair they possess on their tails, ears and the back of their legs.

Though these dogs were of Egyptian origin, they were brought to the west in the 12th century. There salient feature is their hunt by sight quality. They see a prey, chase it and then bring it down. The average Salukis are about 58-71 centimeters in height and 18-30 kilograms in weight. Their female counterparts are a bit smaller than their males. The have long, curvy tails covered in hair. There eyes are large and they also have drop ears. These dogs are in a variety of colors. Though these animals were originally trained to hunt by the nomads, they are also quite affectionate to their masters. They have the risk of getting diseases like cancer and some other cardiac problems.