Large dog clothes



woman, dogLarge dog breeds like Alaskan Husky, Great Dane and German Shepherd are difficult to get dressed because of their large size, so they require specially made large dog clothes. The owners of these dogs find it challenging to select the appropriate clothing for their pets as they are expensive and are rarely available in the market. Large dog clothes cost more mainly because they require more material.

Large Dogs living in cold areas might get frostbite if they are exposed to the extreme cold. Even though they have thick fur, still they need warm clothes, like sweaters and coats, to protect themselves. During rains, dogs don’t like getting soaked in the rain water, so a raincoat becomes a must for them. While they are out on the streets for a walk with their master, dogs need something to protect their paws from the chemicals or other harmful substances like pieces of glass. Therefore shoes or any other kind of cladding for their paws is necessary. Sometimes, their master would like to take their pet to a dog show or he would like to dress it up in a fancy manner for a special occasion like Halloween, so a costume would be the requirement of the situation. Large dog clothes can be made of materials like leather, wool, fleece or cotton according to the purpose which is to be served. With the advent of new technologies in the textile industry, the fabric used for the manufacture of large dog clothes can be modified to suite the requirement of the large dogs.

The main points which should be kept in mind while choosing large dog clothes should be their comfort and convenience. One should be very careful while choosing a clothing for their large dogs because if they get annoyed and irritated with their outfit, they can rip it off easily.