Akita Inu Temperament



A potential owner of the Akita Inu must consider the temperament of the breed. Moreover, every dog has its own way of reacting to a stimulus and environment. One of the important factors potential owners must consider is that the breed does not blend easily with any other pets that may be residing within the household. The dog tends to be aggressive towards other canines.

Owners are easily mistaken about the size of the little puppy; however, it is necessary to remember that the little puppies grow up to become large and powerful dogs. The small furry puppy grows to approximately 125 lbs of a full-sized dog.

The Akita Inu is a very loyal breed of dogs. However, training the dog is important, as these dogs prefer to be leaders of the home. Nonetheless, caring for the dogs are simple and uncomplicated even if this is a large breed. The Akita requires good food, water, and plenty of exercise. Moreover, the breed requires a substantial amount of adoring and caring from their owners.

The Akita Inu sheds its fur few times each year in huge amounts. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the dog regularly to ensure that your dog appears well groomed. Brushing daily is important when the shedding occurs, and regular brushing reduces the hair when the dog sheds the hair.

The Akita puppies are very intelligent and are able to master the arts quickly. However, it is important that training is undertaken immediately because it is crucial to train this breed. Moreover, the owners must ensure that their dogs are not provided the opportunity to become the leaders of the home.

An important trait of the Akita Inu is that the dog requires to be socialized at a very early stage in their lives. If this fact is not remembered, the probability of your dog showing negative traits increases due to lack of social activities.

The proper understanding of the Akita Inu temperament ensures that the owners are able to properly train their dogs. Collecting the relevant information to understand the breed’s temperament will help you make the right choice while buying the puppy.