Which breed of dog is exact for you?


If you want to get a dog, you will need to discover the characteristics of different dog breeds to decide which breed is right for you and your family. You want to find a dog that goes with your character and lifestyle.

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Best dog food for puppies


One of the first questions asked by the owner of a puppy - "What is the best dog food for puppies?". This is a question that is difficult to answered as the digestive system of canines at any age is extremely sensitive, and even more so in young puppies.

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No Humans Allowed

Dog supplies online


Do you need to find dog supplies reviews, online catalog or just want to know more about dog supplies online brands ? Information about various dog supplies, like Purina, Nutro, Natural balance, Pedigree, Royal Canin is available on VeAnimals online pet lover resource. Various recommendations and advice are collected on this site for all customers over the world. This online guide is irreplaceable and essential dog information resource.

My View On Parenting

by Morris


Yes, I admit it, I don’t want my kid growing up to be a sissy.  I’m not one of those overprotective parrots, afraid to let his kid leave the nest and spread his wings.  You know the kind, always hovering around to make sure the little ones don’t get their talon stuck in the cage door or forget to sharpen their beaks. For the love of Pete, leave him alone, he’s practically six-months-old!

Now, maybe I got a different way of looking at things because I didn’t grow up in a fancy cage.  started out a young cock in the wild, flying free with parrots of all colors and sizes. You’re talking to a guy whose best friend was an African Gray. Man, we tore it up! Never been …